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Social Media marketing Trends in 2019

social media marketing in 2019

Stories are very popular

As every year, Buffer has released his study on the social media by interviewing thousands of companies. A sample size that makes "State of Social" a document more and more appreciated by professionals. At the beginning of 2019, the first evidence that emerges is that the stories are rather effective in the social media strategies of companies. In fact, 57% of brands rated them as "very effective" or "fairly effective".

This efficiency is undoubtedly justified by the increasingly important place they take in the daily lives of individuals. Facebook's efforts to develop them mean that GAFA now boasts a billion users. Nevertheless, from YouTube to Instagram , even through WeChat and LinkedIn , all worked to develop the popularity of this short format.

social media stories in 2019

Who says growth of users says increased advertising within them. While Facebook and Instagram have introduced the possibility of inserting advertisements in their stories, companies should soon take advantage. Although 62% of them were not interested so far, 61% want to invest more in ads in 2019.

Businesses do not exploit the potential of email applications

As you know, the use of SMS is plummeting more and more in favor of messaging applications like WhatsApp or Messenger. However, brands are very little to communicate on these platforms. The automatic messages or the advertisements integrated between two conversations do not have the rating. Nearly three-quarters of brands (71%) do not use them in their marketing strategy.

This trend may change slightly in 2019, with nearly 50% of companies planning to consider a messaging application this year. Messenger, then WhatsApp, are obviously the heart of the interests. This is understandable enough, since in his study, Buffer tells us that WhatsApp ads have a clickthrough rate of 25%. Users are more engaged with messaging applications because they are in a private space, making it easy for businesses to get in touch quickly.

Influencer marketing did not say its last word.

Contrary to what can sometimes be heard on the media or in schools, marketing strategies incorporating influencers have not said their last word. An opinion shared by one of our experts . At the beginning of 2019, 38% of companies work with influencers. An impressive figure when we know that this type of marketing is generally reserved for companies with significant capital. On this third of companies won by influencers, 68% consider that they are effective in their strategy. 23% struggle to distinguish their effectiveness and the remaining 9% are dissatisfied. Nevertheless, they are a majority to be expected to continue to use their services. 88% of brands that use influence marketing plan to continue in 2019. To conclude this part, know that Instagram is considered the most effective platform for this practice by 70% of companies.

Videos are increasingly used by brands to communicate on social media. A strategy not so surprising when you know that they are the best way to capture the attention at the moment. Almost 90% of companies produce it (a figure that is rising sharply), more than a third make it every week. The preferred network for publications is Facebook (81%), followed by YouTube (63%) and Instagram (58%). Twitter (46%) and Linkedin (32%) follow, while other media are far behind.

To the question "What factors prevent you from producing more video? 66% of companies mention lack of time, and 42% lack of money.

Social media strategies are at the heart of marketing strategies

Almost 60% of companies think social media is very important in their marketing strategy, and of the remaining 40%, 3/4 gives it a lot of importance. Nevertheless, about 1 in 5 marketers struggling to measure their effectiveness on their business.

What are the most used media by companies?

The first medium is Facebook, which is used by 93.7% of them, followed by Twitter (84.4%), Instagram (80%), Linkedin (70%) and YouTube (60.8%). As we can see, Facebook remains popular despite the many issues that raise questions about its ability to keep data confidential. Also, YouTube is much more used by professionals than one might think at first glance.

social media platforms used by business in 2019

If you want to further densify your data for your future marketing strategies, we invite you to also consult the studies on the importance that consumers give to customer reviews and the 2018 digital barometer . The latter is effective in determining which digital media the French are most present. Finally, if you want to dig deeper into influencer marketing, check out the latest Kolsquare study on engagement with influencers' posts that could be extremely helpful.

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