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What is a Digital / Advertising agency

Today large and small companies are looking for a digital agency that provides services such as: digital marketing campaign, website development and applications.

It can, sometime, be unclear as to what a digital agency is and what is the difference between a digital agency and an advertising agency. What services can be expected from a digital agency i.e. what are the main digital agency services etc. We know that there are always doubts about what we do and to what extent we work hand in hand with you, that's why we explain what a digital agency does and the services it offers.

Digital agencies are responsible for creating strategies, disseminating messages, managing content and aligning business objectives (Digital Marketing), creating content on digital platforms that generate interaction and encouragement between brands and users. All digital agencies are advertising agencies but all advertising agencies are not digital agencies. For example, an advertising agency offering news paper advertising facility cannot be called a digital agency. 

They also focus on creating and publishing more relevant and highly useful content that is increasingly visual, in which they integrate graphic elements and images that are more effective for their objective audiences. The main domain of a digital agency is online marketing. 

We work together with the client to have a better experience and attention, since we can give a better service achieving effective reciprocal communication about the client's objectives and how they will grow working as a team.

Knowledge of the environment and the process is needed to successfully guide and grow a brand through the digital landscape. Success brands take advantage of the interaction and provide additional value to the consumer through digital media .

Some of the services that a digital marketing agency provides its clients are the following: 

❖ Web Development : 
● Web development focused on results 
● Web pages with CMS 
● Website designing  


❖ Marketing in Social Networks: 
● Creating, Maintaining and Monitoring Social Media Accounts
● Community Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Blog etc. 
● Advertising on Social Media. 
● Blog Development 


❖ Digital Analysis: 
● Business intelligence 
● Conversion optimization 


❖ Search engine positioning: 
● SEO project design and definition 
● On-page implementation 
● Monitoring reports 


❖ On-line Advertising 
● SEM Google Adwords campaigns 
● Optimization of online advertising 
● Social Media Advertising 


❖ Design and Development 
● E-commerce 
● Mobile App (iOS, Android) 
● Corporate Website 
● Blog 


❖ eMail Marketing 
● Design prototype newsletter 
● Production and mass mailing 
● Campaign monitoring 
● Results report


What is a creative agency

A creative agency also known as a communication agency is also another form of a digital agency. The main objective of a creative agency is to help and support companies to promote its image, its creations and its various products or services. The team of a creative agency makes every effort to immerse itself in the world of its customers in order to be able to propose the most profitable communication strategy for the company.


It is the role of the creative agency to orchestrate the two types of communication for its client:


Internal  communication : informing and disseminating information to employees to federate staff to the company's objectives via various and varied communication tools (publication of an internal journal, creation of an Internet site, monthly reviews, Intranet ...) ,

External  communication : develop awareness of the company with a targeted audience to retain customers and attract a new audience (website creation, commercial brochures, development of social networks, mailing, business cards ...).

The communication agency, which always listens to its client, develops a branding strategy taking into account parameters such as the budget, the sector of activity or the competition of the company or the natural person. Thus creative agency is a branding agency.


Digital Age, being a digital agency performs all the above referred marketing activities for its clients.


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