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(google certified, seo expert in lahore - pakistan)

The Best SEO Expert in Lahore - Pakistan

Mr. A. Kamran

Your SEO  Expert in Pakistan

If you are looking for the services of an SEO expert, you are at the right place. Whether you are looking for an SEO expert in Lahore,  Pakistan or in the world, you deserve the best.  You need an expert capable of developing strategies to enable a website to get  better positioned in the organic results of a search engine like Google , to generate more traffic. You need an SEO Expert with a solid knowledge of Web Marketing and Communication. 

Whether you call him an SEO specialist, a positioning consultant,  SEO consultant, expert in organic SEO... or whatever you call him, his job and thus his responsibilities remain the same - to rank your website No. 1 in Google. When these terms are applied to the Chief Executive (CEO) of “Digital Age”, he seems to exceed the expectations. 

Mr. A. Kamran is a Google certified SEO expert in Lahore, experienced in digital marketing. He has divided the company services into four departments; Web Development, SEO, SEM and SMM.  His personal specialization is SEO services. Being a Google certified digital marketer means a reliable SEO, SEM and SMM expert.  Call today to have an appointment to talk to him directly.  

So Who is an SEO Expert?

Suppose you are a company, in full birth or with a little experience already, and you contact an "SEO" agency, to be ranked in Google. You are constantly told that an SEO expert will help you to place your website in the first results of Google. That, you know it. But what exactly is meant by SEO expert? In order for the term to be more specific for you, let's say that an SEO expert is a SEO specialist or an SEO doctor for the websites. He finds, the diseases (SEO defects) in your websites and gives it food supplements like vitamins, proteins, calcium, minerals etc. (with on page and off page SEO). This not only makes your website healthy but also capable of competing with other websites of the same niche.  

Sometimes an SEO expert is also referred simply as an "SEO" (Search Engine Optimizer), or an "SEO consultant"; the two names that you have certainly crossed during your research. And if you are advised to collaborate with an SEO expert, it is primarily because he is also a project manager in his own right. Whether working in an agency or on his own, his knowledge of SEO gives him the ability to take an online project to the top ranking in search engine (Goggle) searches by ensuring all the steps to the end.

Does an SEO Consultant need to be qualified ?

The question is "Does an SEO expert have to be SEO-qualified?". Asking this question is like asking "Does a doctor need to be qualified?". An SEO expert is the doctor for your website. So how can you give your website to a non-qualified SEO person? Thus make sure that you hire an SEO expert who is not only experienced but also qualified in digital marketing.

Though Google does not offer direct certification of SEO, it offers a wide range of certifications about digital marketing and especially about SEM. The person who has passed most of these certifications can be expected to be well-educated digital marketing agent and an ideal SEO consultant. This is because digital marketing is the core point of all online marketing activities and SEO, SEM, SMM are all offshoots of digital marketing. Thus a qualified digital marketer can prove to the best SEO expert or SEO consultant or an SMM expert etc.

Keeping in view all this information, we can proudly say that we have one of the top SEO consultant in Pakistan and the best SEO specialist in Lahore - Mr. Kamran, along with other team members.

 Google Certifications earned by the company's Chief Executive Mr. A. Kamran 

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