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The Best SEO Expert in Lahore - Pakistan

ceo - Digital age - an introduction

SEO Expert in Lahore
Mr. A. Kamran

Your SEO  Expert in Pakistan

If you are looking for the services of an SEO expert, you are at the right place. Whether you are looking for an SEO expert in Lahore,  Pakistan or in the world, you deserve the best.  You need an expert capable of developing strategies to enable a website to get  better positioned in the organic results of a search engines like Google , to generate more traffic. You need an SEO Expert with a solid knowledge of Web Marketing and Google Algorithm. 

Whether you call him an SEO specialist, a positioning consultant,  SEO consultant, expert in organic SEO... or whatever you call him, the aim of his job and his responsibilities remain the same - to rank your website No. 1 in Google. When these terms are applied to the Chief Executive (CEO) of “Digital Age”, he seems to exceed the expectations. 

Mr. A. Kamran is a Google certified SEO expert in Lahore, experienced in digital marketing. He is the CEO of Digital Age - a digital marketing agency. He has divided the company services into four departments; Web Development, SEO, SEM and SMM.  His personal specialization is SEO services. Being a Google certified digital marketer means a reliable SEO, SEM and SMM expert.  Call today to have an appointment to talk to him directly.  

So Who is an SEO Expert?

Suppose you are a company, in full birth or with a little experience already. In order to generate more traffic to your website, you contact an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency, to rank you in Google. You are constantly told that an SEO expert will help you to place your website in the first results of Google. This is where the role of an SEO specialist begins.


But what exactly is meant by an SEO expert? In order for the term to be more specific for you, let's say that an SEO expert is an SEO specialist or an SEO doctor for the websites. He finds, the diseases (SEO defects) in your websites and gives it food supplements like vitamins, proteins, calcium, minerals etc. (with on page and off page SEO). This not only makes your website healthy but also capable of competing with other websites of the same niche, for given keywords.  

Sometimes an SEO expert is also referred simply as an "SEO" (Search Engine Optimizer), or an "SEO consultant"; the two names that you have certainly crossed during your research. And if you are advised to collaborate with an SEO expert, it is primarily because he is also a project manager in his own right. Whether working in an agency or on his own, his knowledge of SEO gives him the ability to take an online project to the top ranking in search engine (Goggle) searches by ensuring all the steps to the end.

SEO is a professional service and like all other professional services, you have to pay for this. SEO service charges can vary from agency to agency. Usually they depend upon the current situation of your website regarding SEO, your website's current ranking against given keywords, the keyword difficulty and the country where you want to rank your website. Click here to see our SEO packages. 

Does an SEO Consultant need to be qualified ?

The question is "Does an SEO expert have to be SEO-qualified?". Asking this question is like asking "Does a doctor need to be qualified?". An SEO expert is the doctor for your website. So how can you give your website to a non-qualified SEO person? Thus make sure that you hire an SEO expert who is not only experienced but also qualified in digital marketing.

Though Google does not offer direct certification of SEO, it offers a wide range of certifications about digital marketing and especially about SEM. The person who has passed most of these certifications can be expected to be a well-educated digital marketing agent and an ideal SEO consultant. This is because digital marketing is the core point of all online marketing activities and SEO, SEM, SMM are all offshoots of digital marketing. Thus a qualified digital marketer can prove to the best SEO expert or SEO consultant or an SMM expert etc.

Keeping in view all this information, we can proudly say that we have one of the top SEO consultants in Pakistan and the best SEO specialist in Lahore - Mr. Kamran, along with other team members.

 Google and other digital marketing and SEO Certifications earned by the company's Chief Executive Mr. A. Kamran 

Authorized Buyers Brand Controls Basics
Search Ads 360 Basics _ Google-page-001.
Display & Video 360 Brand Controls Basic
SEMRush Keyword Research Certificate
SEO Expert in Lahore
SEO Expert in Pakistan
Top SEO Expert
Certificate Top SEO Expert in Lahore
Google Certificate SEO Expert
Certificate Best SEO Expert Lahore
Google Certificate of Branding
SEO Experts in Lahore
Adword Certificate
Google Ads Certificate
Certificate SEO Consultant in Lahore
Certified SEO Expert in Pakistan
Certified SEO Expert in Lahore
The best certified SEO Expert
Google Certified SEO Expert


In today’s cut throat competition, the only way of survival for a business is to claim its rightful place online in search engines.  An SEO expert can improve your business’ visibility online by applying on page and off page SEO techniques to your websites. Following is a list of the benefits of hiring an SEO expert for your business:


1. Improve Your ROI

When you invest in digital marketing strategies, you want to get the highest possible return on investment (ROI). With a smart and competitive SEO strategy employed by an SEO expert, you can expect an impressive ROI. When it comes to search engines, they offer a rate of nearly 15% for new sales opportunities. It doesn't sound like much, but when you compare it to traditional marketing, which is less than 2%, it's huge. That means you can increase your lead conversion rate by almost 13%. Moreover in third world countries like Pakistan, this ROI can be as high as 50%.

For many companies, that increased revenue is one of the biggest SEO benefits. However, additional search revenue depends on SEO expert’s strategies as well as how much you are ready to invest in SEO. If your website is at the bottom of the results, on page two, three or four, users will not find your business. They will stay on the first page of results, which means you won't generate leads from Google or any other search engine.


2. Increase Your Credibility

One of the key SEO benefits that many companies overlook is how it improves their credibility among consumers. The ranking on the first page of search results tells users that Google or another search engine, such as Bing, trusts your website. This trust is passed on to your consumers in the form of increased credibility.


That's one reason why 90% of users stay on the first page of results. They trust search engines to filter the results for them, removing unwanted websites. Google, as well as other search engines, understand this, so they use an SEO expert to improve factors on and off page to rank their websites.


These factors, which can range from the content you create to the speed of your website, demonstrate that your website is secure and credible. They also emphasize that your website responds to a user's query.


Another way an SEO expert can help your business is to optimize your Google My Business tab, which appears in local searches and searches specific to your business, providing users with details about your company. It can also include Google reviews, essential to increase credibility as well as to boost sales. Buyers trust the reviews a lot, which is why 80% of them say that the opinions of other users have influenced their decision about buying a product. This is very important for local businesses.


3. Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website

One of the main befits of hiring an SEO expert is that he/she also helps you get more quality traffic for your website. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers targeted tools. Instead of paying for a billboard and waiting for your target audience to see it, this way you know they will see your website in search results.


In addition, you are reaching your target audience at a time of maximum audience. They are looking for you, which means you have their full attention. It also means that they are more likely to act if you include calls to action (CTAs), be it an invitation to call you or a Facebook page.


4. Measure Your Success with Real Numbers

It is essential to understand the impact of your investment, whether in advertising or marketing. That is why it is a great advantage not only of digital marketing, but also of SEO, that you can monitor the success of your strategies.


The best part of hiring an SEO expert is that he can give a business marketing performance analysis in real time. With Google Analytics, as well as other web analytics tools, he can easily assess the performance of the applied SEO strategies and pass the results on to you. In this regard, some metrics to consider are your website traffic, bounce rate, conversions, and time spent on the site.


5. Promote Your Company 24/7

Depending on your business, you can offer 24/7 service online. To do this, consumers must be able to find your website at any time. That's where another key benefit of employing an SEO expert, comes in. You can promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially if you have an ecommerce or business website.


This is essential, especially considering that Google processes more than 60,000 searches per second. It also reinforces the ability of your digital marketing strategy to connect with users in their search terms. You are not trying to reach consumers with a billboard that they spot when leaving town on the weekend; you are looking for them when they are looking for you.


So it improves the value of your website for users, since you are offering an answer to their problem. From that perspective, the SEO benefit is that you promote your company to consumers, but in a non-promotional way. In addition, you not only reach the public at all stages of the purchase funnel, but also connect with all types of target audiences. Depending on your business, you may have different target audiences.


6. Target Each Purchase Stage

The increased use of content marketing makes SEO even more valuable to businesses. With content marketing, which includes a wide variety of content types, from infographics, blog posts, or videos; You connect with consumers at every stage of your marketing funnel.


While users who read the top of the funnel (TOFU) or the content of the middle of the funnel (MOFU), like a blog post, won't convert immediately, over time they will. That's why SEO-dependent content marketing wins 54% more leads than traditional marketing. The best part is that consumers love this approach. More than 60% of consumers prefer companies that create original content for them, which can help you develop brand awareness.


7. Increase Brand Awareness Among Buyers

As consumers move through the shopping funnel, they do many different searches. If your company continues to appear in their search results, the user will have more confidence in your company. This is achieved through branding.


With his SEO content marketing strategy, your SEO expert shows your consumers that you are more than a provider of products or services. You are also a valuable resource offering relevant industry information, increasing your value to your audience.


8. Generate More Leads, Sales and Engagement

One of the most sought after SEO benefits is increased sales and leads. This benefit is something you notice in your daily operations. You will see buyers entering your store or ordering products that leave your warehouse.

These increases occur due to your ranking in search results which is the main job of an SEO consultant. By appearing on the first page of search results for relevant keywords used by your target audience, you're earning clicks and hits from the consumers that matter most to you.


9. Maximize The Success Of Your PPC Campaigns

If you are incorporating digital marketing into your business strategy, it is likely that at some point you will invest in PPC advertising. While PPC is a paid strategy and SEO is an unpaid strategy, they work well together, so you should think about associating them. However, how does SEO help your PPC campaigns?


By combining SEO and PPC, you reinforce your presence in search engines. Not only your website appears at the top of the paid search results, but also organic. This gives users two opportunities to visit your website, in addition to emphasizing your brand. Another advantage is that you can apply the data you have extracted from your SEO strategy to your PPC campaigns.


10. Puts You On The Same Level As Your Toughest Competitors

80% of users trust the Internet to research a product purchase, so it is expected that your competitors will also invest in SEO, as well as other digital marketing strategies. That is why, if you omit SEO, the normal thing is that your sales and your general participation in the market will decrease.


When users search for queries related to your services or industry, your website won't appear, and if it does, it's probably not on the first page. Only 25% of users go beyond the first page of search results, reducing your potential earnings and leads.


So if you want to outperform your competitors, the help from an SEO expert is essential. Even if the companies in your sector do not use SEO, for your company it is a great advantage to be the first.


11. Make Your Digital Marketing Strategy Stronger

If you are investing in digital marketing, SEO is probably part of your strategy. SEO strengthens your overall campaign in multiple ways, enhancing other digital marketing approaches, such as content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing.


By developing a comprehensive and lasting digital marketing strategy, you increase your competitiveness in the online market . Which can serve as a significant advantage when competing in a difficult market or against competitors with more resources than your company.


Also, a stronger digital marketing strategy means a higher ROI. With better performance in your digital marketing efforts, you can reinvest in the success of your business. Whether you decide to boost your business through investing in your SEO strategy, expand your team, or increase your company's resources, you are using those funds to make your business even better for consumers.


12. Lower Your Advertising Costs

SEO also benefits your company by reducing your advertising costs and even your marketing expenses. With a well-planned SEO strategy, an SEO specialist helps your business rank on the first page of search results for valuable keywords.


This offers your company the option of reducing its advertising investment, as well as reinvesting it elsewhere. For example, instead of running five PPC campaigns, you can choose to run two, and then use those savings to expand your content marketing strategy.


SEO can lower not only your spending on online advertising, but also your traditional advertising costs. Many companies discover, often during the first year of SEO investment, that it is more profitable than traditional advertising and marketing.


13. Improve Local Marketing

Even if you have a local company that relies on offline transactions, SEO benefits your business. As more consumers access the Internet from their smartphones, the popularity of local search increases. 80% of local searches turn into sales, which means more business for your physical store.


If you are not investing in local SEO, you are excluding consumers who are ready to buy, paving the way for your competitors. Let your SEO consultant plan your local SEO strategy.


14. Boost Your Long-Term Success

Unlike many traditional marketing efforts, SEO is an ongoing strategy. What your company means continues to see the benefits of SEO, years after having invested in it. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term investment, and results are slow to come.


To keep your ranking intact and evolve alongside updates to users' search algorithms and search habits, you should update your SEO strategy regularly. Another good option always doing it naturally will be collaboration with other companies in the sector. If your activity is web design or SEO positioning, contact those who may be looking for the same thing as you.

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