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In Broader sense, Search engine marketing (or SEM) aims to promote a website in search engines like Google  both by organic search and paid search. However in the strict sense,  by SEM we mean paid marketing only on search engines like PPC Google (pay per click). A digital marketing agency usually uses SEO techniques to rank a website higher in google organic searches. But when the results are needed quickly, digital agencies prefer paid ads in google and other search engines. This is what we mostly refer to as Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Thus, we prefer paid ads (through SEM) to  organic results in google if the time is really short to achieve an online marketing goal. We have special package for SEM, called "PPC Lahore", where you can get the services of the best PPC expert in Lahore.


PPC Expert

why we need SEM (search Engine marketing)? (like PPC - Pay per click)


Search engine marketing, or SEM, aims at increasing the visibility of a website in the search engines mainly through paid ads like PPC (Pay Per Click) in Google. The main goal is to increase the visibility of a website and gain traffic, in order to increase sales and conversions, in addition to the organic traffic. Search engine marketing should be an indispensable segment of the marketing campaign of a company, as it can significantly promote a company, as well as new customers, in no time. Of course, you need a PPC Expert to handle your PPC (or SEM) campaign.


Some of examples of Search Engine Marketing ads can be:

Search Ads
These ads appear alongside Google search results when people search for products and services. You have to pay when people click to visit your ad that is called pay-per-click or PPC.

Display Ads
These ads can appear across two million websites and in over half a million mobile apps. 


Video Ads 
They are shown only to the people you desire and you have to pay only when and if they watch it. 


Shopping Ads 
These types of ads are more than just text ads. They show the users photos of your products, along with their details like a title, price, brand name, etc. 


The Internet has become the most powerful marketing tool because of the excellent return on investment it presents. In addition, measuring the results is much easier than with traditional marketing tools. In 2014, there were over a billion websites worldwide, according to Internet Live Stats. This figure has increased by more than 50% now. With so much information at your fingertips, how do you bring out your business? How to attract the user to your site from the beginning of his research? Though SEO is the ultimate solution in the long run. Too many entrepreneurs attach great importance to the aesthetics of their website and very little to its SEO. What good is a beautiful site if you cannot find it?


But a good SEO strategy can take from 3 to 6 months. In the short run, the answer lies in Web referencing; without optimized SEO using paid search engine marketing (SEM) like PPC. Ideally, your business should be positioned in the first third of the search results on the first page. The further away from it, the fewer visits to your website. Thus you need a PPC expert for your SEM campaign.

“Digital Age”, being the top digital marketing agency in Lahore-Pakistan, applies both SEO and SEM techniques to increase website traffic for its clients. We have the best PPC Expert in Lahore - Pakistan.

Who is a PPC Expert and What Are His Responsibilities 

The SEM expert (Search Engine Marketing Expert) in our area Lahore, known as a PPC expert (Pay Per Click Expert), is one of the figures with the most relevance and demand within Digital Marketing. He is the one who plans, designs, and runs your Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) campaigns. But the market is already demanding increasingly specialized SEM / PPC profiles and with very specific skills, that's why we want you to know the projection you can have if you are really interested in SEM /PPC.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing

One of the profiles that we will see is that of an SEM Specialist (whom you may also call a PPC Expert), who executes the strategy, and that of an SEM Manager, who develops it. But, there is more world apart from these specializations.


There are SEM professionals who dedicate their work to Search Engine Marketing on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, however, in other cases, it would be better to speak of PPC specialists since their tasks also include Social Ads on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. In simple words, every PPC Expert is necessarily an SEM Specialist (because he takes care of your Google Ads as well as ads on Social Media), but every SEM Specialist is not necessarily a PPC Expert (because his focus is only on Google Ads). However, in our everyday language, we usually mean the same for both terminologies.


Programmatic ad-buying specialists and ad managers on Google's DoubleClick platform have also emerged lately. Let's see what each of them consists of and the importance they will have in the labor market.



AS PPC Expert

It is the most common SEM profession, usually focused on Google Ads. The day to day of a SEM Specialist goes through:


  • Analysis of campaigns early in the day

  • Optimization of cost per click or CPC

  • The implementation of the strategy defined by the SEM Manager or the Marketing Director

  • Improve the Quality Score of your Google Ads


The PPC Expert optimizes paid advertising primarily on the Google Search Network. That is, it manages the ads that appear when a user searches Google or Google Search Partners.


It also optimizes the Google Display Network ads that appear while the user is browsing one of the web pages that make up their network, which, forms 90% of all Web sites. The SEM Specialist / PPC Expert works to achieve the goal of generating conversions for lead generation or e-commerce sales. In the retail sector, it manages Google Shopping ads.


There are more specialized SEM Specialists in managing larger budgets, for which agile management and synthesis capacity will be required, and others for more limited budgets, which require a more exhaustive analysis and greater capacity for the precision of return on investment. The main qualities they must have are:




Can-do attitude

Google Adwords Certified

AS SEM Manager

Also called the SEM Coordinator, it develops the SEM strategy taking into account elements such as structure, keywords, their matches, announcements, CPCs, and budgets.


In a client-agency work structure, he is within the final client and in an In-house work structure, he leads a team of SEMs within the company. The SEM Manager also manages his staff and can supervise search engine marketing or Social Ads.


PPC Expert is a professional in SEM and Social Ads, especially on Facebook, given the importance that the social network has gained as an advertising platform for its great segmentation options.


Also of course Instagram, which is managed by Facebook as it is owned by the company. The person responsible for Social Ads must be distinguished from the Community Manager, since the former manage paid advertising on a social network, while the latter performs content and communication tasks on it.


The Social Ads specialist also performs his tasks on Twitter Ads and Linkedin. You can also manage the PPC in social networks as a Community manager, but in that case, it is not so common that you also manage the SEM.


Being a good PPC Specialist requires flexibility because in Social Ads you find the user with a different conversion intent than SEM. In social networks, you address potential clients or prospects because they are consulting their networks when they see your ad, while in SEM you address the core users or the heart of your target audience since they are at a time when they are looking for and therefore thinking about your product.


AS Programmatic Specialist

This professional buys advertising in real time (Real Time Bidding or RTB) on specialized platforms to offer impressions to those who bid the most for them. In programmatic advertising, those who advertise, buy audiences and not spaces as in offline advertising.


It is based on the storage of large amounts of data or Big Data to segment the target and show them advertising.


AS DoubleClick Specialist

He is the person who manages this Google tool where advertisers can find all kinds of solutions to follow and carry out each step that makes up online advertising. It is made up of:


DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

DoubleClick Search (DS)

(DRM) DoubleClick Rich Media

DoubleClick Floodlight

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

(DCS) DoubleClick Studio

DoubleClick for Advertisers or Campaign Manager (DCM)

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)

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