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(SMM services)

Social Media is a generic term that encompasses a very rich and diverse landscape of platforms, websites, and online tools through which people connect, express, interact, comment, and share, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, linkedin, instagram etc.
From a marketing perspective, social media serves a wide variety of marketing purposes: customer service, conquering markets and customer knowledge, word-of-mouth marketing and inbound marketing, and even direct marketing. At "Digital Age", we provide the best Social media marketing services in Pakistan. Our social media marketing services including, identifying your recommended social media ,creating social media campaigns (like for FB and LinkedIn etc.)  and finally achieving the final marketing objectives. 

Best Social Media Marketing Services in Lahore-Pakistan! 

why we need Social media marketing Services!

The real benefit of social networks is their proximity to the customers they offer. It is a direct line of communication that allows users to share their experience about the product or service. This is something that is not always found on other marketing and communication media. 

The social media marketing services of "Digital Age" can help you design the most effect social media marketing campaign for your business through our social media experts. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn or whatever social media platform you choose, we will have the most suitable plan for your business. 

Some of the benefits of social media marketing are as follows:

  • In Business marketing you cannot afford to miss any opportunity you have to broadcast your products /services and thus increase your visibility is invaluable! Your social networks are the new online showcases of your brand. 

  • Creating customer loyalty is not a new tactic in brand promotion. Brands engaged on social media channels benefit more from the loyalty of their customers. 

  • Contents introduction posted on a social platform is a new opportunity for Internet users to know about to your brand. When you get new followers, simultaneously you have access to new potential customers. 

  • Website traffic coming from Social networks to your website leads to higher conversion rate.

  • Interacting with your customers on social networks creates a show of good faith for other customers which adds to your brand authority. 

  • Each social network profile allows you to add an additional path to your site and each piece of content placed on these profiles is a boon for a new visitor. 

  • It is much more cost effective  to approach your potential customers through social networks, than through traditional marketing.

  • Social networks the new and popular means of communication with your customers than traditional channels such as e-mail or phone call.

  • Social media promotion is measurable in terms of the lead generation. 

How Social Media Marketing Works

Basically there are two ways of marketing on social media:


1 - Shareable content on social media

The creation of "shareable social media content" is a recommendation that often lacks precision.  This is launched through your own social media accounts. You need to know your audience, their interests, their preferences and their online habits in order to create a content to be attractive enough to become popular among your audience.  This is a bit less expensive method. But the problem with it is that you need to have a very “large” audience (likes, followers etc.) to have a successful marketing campaign.  


2 - Paid social advertising

This is the main course, with companies spending billions of dollars worldwide to reach their audience through Twitter, Facebook and others. This type of advertising is very effective and can be a good substitute to any other form of online marketing.

Paid ads on social media are not really different from conventional ads. It's always about targeting a specific segment of the population via a message to them. The only difference is that you can use the data collected on social media to build 100% personalized target audiences.

We will adapt our Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies to your brand and target audience. Your social presence programs , content planning and creation, blogger awareness, video distribution and other services will be fully supported and managed, all with the goal of attracting new customers and increasing your profitability.

Our social media marketing services (SMM) give you the opportunity to connect and share information that builds brand, product or service brand awareness. Social media marketing (SMM) results are illustrated by the number of shared tweets, shares, comments, likes, and page views. Social Media Marketing (SMM) encourages user-generated content from the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

So give it a try and see the power of social media  do its magic. We can help you as we offer one of the best social media marketing services. 

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