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10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Google Plus Now!

1. Google+ is Google

I do not just mean that it belongs to Google. I mean it's the future of Google! Its version 2.0. Why ? Because Google+ is not just a place to post content, it's a "social layer" over all Google products. This layer includes all products and services, includes comments on all main social networks like Blogger and YouTube, sharing in Google Drive, Gmail (which uses circles), Hangouts, Android, Google Chrome, Google Play, Wallet, Google Maps and more. other.

How does the social layer of the King of Research affect you? The +1 button of a blog post opens a Google+ dialog box.This gives very easily visibility to your publication.

And you will surely see things differently when you see what the social layer of Google produces in terms of reach ...

2. Google+ and the search engine work hand in hand

By default, Google displays custom results. The people you have in your circles, and those with whom you have communicated, will influence the search results, as well as the media you have used.Every Google Plus publication title can go to the surface of research for people in your circles, so expanding your network also means building your brand.

This customization becomes very interesting, especially when you consider reason number 3 ...

3. Google Now

A new experience has appeared on mobile for some people. It appears that comments in Google+ generate suggestions in Google Now. For example: a person mentions "Dunkin Donuts" in a comment on his computer and a few minutes later, the nearest point of sale is suggested on his phone.

If you have a brand that values ​​people who talk about it, why not want to go one step further? Seek connections with people who are influential in your market, build relationships, and get involved in conversations.

4. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Youtube allows users to easily and automatically post their content on Google+ whenever a comment is added.

In other words, YouTube generates conversations about videos that people share. When you think about the role of social cues (ie commitment to content) in SEO, you understand how building communities around your content can improve your presence in search results, for YouTube, for Google, and beyond.

Our tip: Make sure you nurture the commitment you receive on any shared content on Google+ or YouTube. A "thank you" following a sharing does not cost you anything and can pay big. You will begin to strengthen your connections with people who are interested in you.

5. Google+ for Social SEO

Nothing concerns this more than a digital agency. This area will amaze you. In minutes, you can bring up a Google+ post in search results; in a few hours you could see a blog post that you shared on Google+ appear in the second or first page; and after a little more time, you may find that engagement on your article has made it a top-ranking search result.

Want to see what it means for you and your business? Well, do some research on social SEO. Or go read this article to see how I generated 250,000 visits to an article using this method of building community around the content.

6. Hundreds of thousands of communities on Google+ already love you

When you start building relationships with people, not only do they signal to Google by their commitment that they pay attention to you, but on top of that, they also help to create your authority in your field. The more important your "Authority" is, the more your content will be displayed to the right people.

My best advice is: Do not rush into creating a community on Google+. Go first to Google+. More than 500 members, you can not change the name of the community, so think carefully.

7. Google+ lets brands build trust, builds a reputation, and turns into authority.

If you're looking for "what is Google Plus" (or even what is Google), you'll probably see that I'm pretty high in the results because of the volume of content I've written, and communities report that "it's good content."

It's my friend David Amerland (Google Semantic Search) who is the master in this area, and he finds that using Google+ creates openness and transparency. You too can use this method to give your brand a face, increase transparency, and gain confidence. Google+ is great for social SEO when you know how to use it.

8. Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA) build trust.

Trust is built and amplified when people can connect a face with a brand. People want to buy from people they know, appreciate, and trust. When they can see you on video call (Hangout) or watch a live event or participate (HOA), they feel connected. When they are connected, you are more likely to be the one they choose when they are ready to buy. You can also use your HOAs as content.

9. Hangouts on Air is saved to your YouTube account, connected to a Page or Profile.

The Brand Pages can have up to 50 managers, for example, you can use a 60-minute HOA to cut it into 5-minute pieces, each with an intro and conclusion to your brand, and re-download them all.

You can also transcribe the text, and use the videos and text to create an enriched blog post.

Then you can extract the best phrases or questions from this content, and add them as images. This will give you even more content to share, and your participants will feel special, which will increase your engagement well beyond the initial event.Also remember to interview key members of your team or organization, and make content. It's easy, and they'll feel enhanced.

10. Use circles to create micro-lists: a marketer's dream!

It's a great way to put your content in front of the right people. Then, when they comment, you can put a +1 on their comment and share them, then thank them for contributing to the commitment of your publication. By doing this, you create ambassadors for your brand.

I hope these few things help you understand the power of Google+ for businesses. This article is the first in a series that will take you through all the steps necessary to achieve success!

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