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How to Achieve Financial Independence through SEO In 2020


What is SEO and what are its different variants. Using examples, let's see how to use these to build a passive income business. SEO, from Search Engine Optimization, is the term used for the service, but also for the person providing it.

An SEO service is to aim to position a site on the first page of search engines for keywords related to the business in question. This therefore makes it possible to attract a larger number of Internet users to the site and, with good content, convert them into customers.

We also talk about SEO and the most used search engine in the world - Google. There are different popular forms of SEO (apart from regular SEO for keyword positioning in Google) and by mastering them, it is possible to make a very profitable business.

The Different SEO Variants

There are three particularly widespread forms of SEO:

Local SEO

PPL SEO (Pay Per Lead)

The SEO of Affiliate

Local SEO

It is the most widespread service where a client wishes to improve the visibility of his business on the web for a particular location and is therefore aimed at a professional who will take care of optimizing the content of his site (On-Site SEO) as well as its authority in the eyes of search engines by creating a solid profile of backlinks and creating optimization through local directories and Google My Business.

There are SEO agencies for simply independent SEO providing such services. Just search Google web agency to get a whole list.

Pay Per Lead SEO

Pay Per Lead means to Pay Per Potential Client. That is to say that the SEO will choose a niche (domain in particular), then create a site in it and reference it as best as possible. But since SEO is probably not a specialist in this area, it will sell its potential customers to specialists. Hence the term Pay Per Lead.

Example: The locksmith-rescue website is one such case. The niche in question is the locksmith and since the intervention area for these services is very large, each time a person is interested in the services of a locksmith, he will provide his information and these will be "sold" to a local locksmith who will provide the service.

Affiliate SEO

This variant of SEO is where an SEO creates its own site, references it and promotes the products of another business. In this type, SEO will usually earn a commission on the sales of the site it promotes.

Example: The vapinginsider site is a good example of Affiliate SEO. It lists and gives multiple information, notes and feedback on different IQOS products from other sites. When a user is interested in one of the products and wishes to obtain it, he can buy it and the owner of the site referencing all the products will receive a commission on the sale.

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