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How To Increase Your Facebook Fans

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Increasing your fans on Facebook is not magic, but applying all good practices will undeniably increase your visibility. We give you in this article 9 tips to attract as many fans as possible, but above all keep them and convert them into customers! For the tenth, it will be necessary to make an appointment with our nice team. Hint: it's not inviting all the friends of your friends.

1. Complete your Business Page

Not magic, but almost. A page not or badly informed will not be well referenced by Facebook and will not appear in the first searches of the search engine. To inform all the useful information plays in your referencing but especially in your capacity to be used by your prospects.

Does your page contain:

  • your address?

  • your phone number?

  • your schedules?

  • a link to your website?

  • a biography that presents your values?

  • visuals that give you a good image?

If you answered yes to all these questions, you are on the right track!

2. Optimize the Mesh between your Blog, Website and Facebook Page

By giving your users, prospects and customers the opportunity to share your content on Facebook through sharing buttons on your blog articles, you will increase your visibility with the friends of your already hard-won fans.

By installing the Facebook plugin (*) on your website (or e-commerce site), you will facilitate the traffic on your Facebook page.

In general, it is rather advisable to attract your Facebook fans to your site to turn your fans into customers, but bringing them from your site to your Facebook page may pay off in the long run: useful for maturing your prospects ( lead nurturing in VO) if your fan is not ready yet to buy. Do not forget that all your fans are important, whether they are already customers, perfect ambassadors of your brand or simply prospects.

3. Build Partnerships with other Companies and other Bloggers in your Industry

Identify twenty potential partners (same number of fans), activities, or complementary values ​​and offer them to talk about you by tagging you with the feature (@) in exchange for an equivalent post on yours.

Take the example of a company specializing in the marketing of sporting goods. It may be appropriate to build partnerships with schools, recreation centers, and sporting events (Tour of the Cycling Island, The Grand Raid ...).

Not to promote your latest pair of tennis on your partner's page, but by sharing content that could help your partner's prospects. Think of your personas, and his people: they will give you back well.

Promoting your partner's page will increase your chances of being featured at their next event, or when one of their fans asks for a recommendation on a product or service you may be offering.

4. Meet your Fans, Make your Community Live

This might sound amazing to you, but online does not mean cut off from the world. As Crédit Agricole put it in one of its advertising spots: "digital does not mean the end of the human". This is true: Facebook is a " social " network, and you must meet your community at events, at your points of sale, or at partner events.

You can also promote your Facebook Page via your brochures, kakemonos, flyers, and all your other traditional communication media to bring the barge to your page.

Increasing the number of your fans will be strongly linked to the quality of the relationship you have with your existing fans (with a little luck, it is even they who will propose to their loved ones to love your page). Pamper your community and it will grow organically.

To develop your community in a sustainable way, do not forget to answer your messages on Messenger: would you snub a potential buyer who asks you a question in the shop? No? So do not do it online.

5. Create Exclusivity

In one of your blog posts, you can for example offer Internet users who read you the opportunity to register on one of your Facebook events (obviously unknown to those who do not read you), to participate in a game contest; which will push them to "like" you in order to finish the desired action.

6. Create Engaging Publications

Make the visuals of your publications catch the eye, and post videos that interest your personas. By being shared, these videos will increase your reach and your page will be potentially followed by these new enchanted Internet users.

7. Use # Hashtags to attract Users interested in the Theme of your Publication

Identify the current trend hashtags, and orient your publications around those that would be relevant to your industry, or those of your partners.

Twitter and Instagram (which belong to Facebook NDLR) are not the only ones to use hashtags to categorize their content and publications. Take the opportunity to target and reach your future fans.

8. Organize Contests

The lure of gain strongly favors the virality of this type of publication. If your budget allows you, win prizes for your fans. However, be careful with this type of event: you may reap lots of new fans but the majority may be registered only for the game.

They will be very likely to become inactive in your community very soon, or even leave it after the winners have been announced.

Keep in mind that contests are good providers of the audience, alas often poorly qualified.

9. Advertise Targeted, Sponsor some Publications

You're probably already advertising on Facebook, and if it's not the case, know that you can "Boost" some of your publications to reach other users.

When setting up the promotion of your post, you can act on:

  • the region: say "Lahore"

  • age

  • the centers of interest

  • the job, the type of job

So you can target strangers who meet these criteria or sponsor this publication with friends of your friends and reach new potential fans.

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