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How to Recognize a Good SEO Expert

Obviously, for your site, you want the best and SEO experts are legion on the market. To help you, here are some keys that will help you recognize a (good) seo expert!

His Experience

In the field of website SEO, as in many others, experience is always an advantage. It should be noted however that SEO is a relatively young field, as are the internet and search engines. But in this "short" time, some SEOs can be considered "serious" or "credible" because of their experience. With ten four years (and even more) on the clock, you can be sure that the seo expert has seen Google and the rules of SEO evolve without stopping. He has had to constantly adapt and knows his subject perfectly today.

His Career

An SEO expert has to advertise his services on the web via a personal webpage, an online CV or professional social networks. You will find all the details of his career. Even if these courses are recent, if he has followed several years of teaching web trades, even SEO sites, then this is a real plus to recognize a good SEO expert. In this way, you will also be able to trace this path that led him to be an SEO expert today.

His Customer References

Customer references are a guarantee of quality for any company. Regarding a SEO consultant, they may be even more. Big companies, influential clients and recognized give immediate credit to the referencer. Indeed, customers such as these do not entrust their SEO projects to any consultant. They need credibility and guarantees before committing themselves. Thus, an SEO expert with beautiful customer references is undeniably a recognized professional in his field!

If He is in an Agency

The SEO consultant you have found and with whom you would like to collaborate, work or have worked in a web agency or SEO agency. Whether he is now a freelancer or an agency, this is a decisive experience in his SEO career. Indeed, this type of company collaborates each year with many customers. Your seo expert has already gone through several recruitment processes in his professional career and this must be a guarantee of quality for you. In addition, working in an agency also demonstrates the versatility of a SEO. Project after project, it must adapt to new professional spheres, new interlocutors, a vocabulary that changes, as the methods it will apply to the seo project of his client.

If he is Google Certified

Beyond all that we have just detailed to recognize a (good) seo expert, there are also professional certifications attesting to his skills in the field: like the SEO certification, which, in the absence of a degree, is a real recognition and validation of the SEO knowledge and experience, as well as the Google certifications , etc.

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