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Impact of mobile searches on SEO

With growth of mobile searches in the search engines, the mobile browsing is now one step ahead to desktop. In 2016 the Google mobile searches passed the desktop searches. On average, almost every Smartphone owner spends more than an hour per day browsing our smart phones.

In 2018 the priority is to be mobile-friendly by offering optimized content on your website. To avoid a high bounce rate, the loading time of your pages on tablets and smart phones must be as fast as possible. Though Google has already declared that mobile friendliness is already a ranking factor in Google algorithm, the mobile first index will probably be deployed in 2018, though it was scheduled for late 2017.

In 2018,to rank the pages in its search results, Google will be focusing mainly on the mobile version of web page before watching the desktop version . Once set up, this index will have great impact on the SEO of websites. For those who already have a responsive or mobile site, this is not a concern. But if you are not one of those, this may be a red card for.

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