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impact of voice search on seo


Google Voice Search, or Google voice search, is a feature that allows users to search the web through voice commands instead of typing. Google Voice Search can be used on both PC and mobile devices.

Broadly speaking, searches can be done using a hands-free voice command on certain mobile devices and operating systems, or by clicking on the microphone icon to the right of the Google search field .

It is specifically the microphone that appears to the right of the search bar (just like the one you use for your What'sapp ). In general there are not many differences between the results offered by Google when we perform a search from the keyboard (mobile or PC), or if we do it by voice .

However, there are some differences in searches such as "where is X" or "how to get to X".

In these cases, if the searches are done by voice, the results that the search engine throws at us may be a bit different (especially in the SERP). And this is where we must work to optimize our website so that Google results are as accurate as possible.


As a technology provider, not only Google is developing strong virtual assistants and, by extension, voice search. Right now Apple has Siri , Amazon has Alexa , Microsoft has Cortana , Samsung has its new Bixby and Yandex launched Alice , the first AI voice assistant for the Russian market .

According to the data published by the Local Search Association (LSA) in 2015 the voice search jumped from zero to 50 billion searches per month. In a survey of 2,000 mobile phone users, it was found that 27% of respondents use voice search assistants on a daily basis, while another 27% use them at least once a week . These data are not like passing by, right?

Voice aides are based on natural language processing.

It means that over time they learn the unique patterns of the person speaking to them, their preferences in restaurants, transport, stores ...

Search Results for Virtual Assistants Vary by User

Based on this knowledge, virtual assistants will provide personalized and relevant search results that vary according to the user. When it comes to SEO , we must understand that all the things that virtual assistants can do have value for SEO (like choosing restaurants, buying tickets, etc.), simply because they are driven by search.

So having a website dedicated to news, a thematic blog or a digital newspaper is not an excuse for not optimizing our site and adapting it to this type of traffic.


The majority of voice searches come from mobile devices and, in this order: in situations of car journeys, when we do some activity or when we watch TV. These voice search situations from mobile are usually fast. Google calls this phenomenon micromomentos and classifies them into four types:

I want to know

I want to do

I wanna go

I want to buy


In the voice search, the keywords approach is totally different. It is more about conversational keywords (long tail) and questions. The terms who, what , where , why, when and how are strongly associated with voice consultations, by their conversational nature.

This means that we must orient our keywords strategy towards these ideas.There are resources like Answerthepublic that can help us in this task by entering keywords and see what kind of questions are associated with them.

With the same objective we can also consult the suggestions offered by Google related to a particular keyword. We see it in the example below when we introduce a keyword like CMS. Immediately Google offers us other suggestions related to common questions of users.

The content oriented in this sense can be introduced in certain sections of our website or digital newspaper. As for example in the company section , about us, shareholders, what we do ... etc ...

In the specific case of a digital newspaper, the text of the news / current sections may also include keywords that answer the questions we have mentioned. Creating a page of "questions and answers" or also called "Q & A" can also help us in this task.

Here are some of the easy ways to optimize your site for questions about who , what , when , where and why and long-tail keyword phrases (closest to the conversation).


The so-called "zero position " is a fragment on the result of the SERP space that contains a highlighted fragment, a box with a response that (supposedly) gives the best information to the user's query.

This box contains a link to the source. As is logical, with the increase of mobile and voice search, the highlighted fragments have a lot of value. The reason is that, from the mobile, this will be the only result that will appear on your screen.

Therefore, what we really should do is talk about how to optimize a featured snippet . There are several ways but basically they are summarized in the following points:

1. Create content adapted to the highlighted fragments (inverted pyramid)

2. Try to format your page and optimize it according to the main types of highlighted fragments, for example with paragraphs or tables (tag <p> and <table> tag)


If your business or digital media still depend largely on customers who come to you physically, it is necessary that you enter in your strategy information related to where to find you.

For this, the first step is to create your Google My Business profile . In your profile, be sure to provide correct and relevant information : an address, contact details and work schedule. Put a unique description, choose the correct categories and upload at least five photos.

Using the schema mark can also improve the ranking of your site. On you can find a variety of categories that you can use, including an address, a phone number and a business schedule.

Another option is to optimize AdWords campaigns for "Close to me" searches. This can be done by enabling location extensions in AdWords, which will allow us to show the address, phone number and directions of our company with our ads.

You can also use Google Maps local search ads. These types of ads appear on top of organic results on Google maps. In any case, if you need specialized help, you can always count on SEO consulting services that can advise you in more detail.

If you still do not know everything that the best CMS of the market for digital newspapers offers you, contact us and we will know how to give you an individualized solution whether you are a new entrepreneur in the field of media or you are looking for a change to your newspaper!

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