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New Linkedin functionality: Create Events for your Community

Linkedin Community Event Creation

On January 6, the new Linkedin (Linkedin Events) functionality will arrive in Spain, which will allow you to create events for your community. This functionality has long existed on Facebook with very good results, but we missed that Linkedin did not offer us this possibility until now and this is a great addition to this great social media platform.

Without a doubt, a fundamental part, when we create community in any social network, is to be able to devirtualize the contacts that comprise it. Whether in a meeting, a conference, a course or an alumni meeting, in-person interactions help us create and foster much closer professional relationships.

According to Linkedin data, the chances that people accept LinkedIn connection requests increase 2 times if they have had a previous contact or a face-to-face meeting.

With this new functionality LinkedIn Events (Linkedin Events), you can create and join professional events, invite your contacts, manage your event, have conversations with other attendees and maintain online contact after the end of the event.

Event Design

  1. What will allow you to do Linkedin Events?

  2. Create private events

  3. Event update notifications

  4. Search filters to invite the right attendees

  5. Ability to interact with 645 million LinkedIn users.

How Does It Work?

Enter the 'Community' panel located on the left side of the news source and click + Create.

Enter a description, date, time and place of the event.

Invite your connections using filters such as location, company, industry and school.

It is also recommended that you share the event as a publication to take advantage of the potential of your feed to reach the relevant attendees.

  • Global events on your LinkedIn profile

  • From the event page, you can

  • Track attendees and guests

  • Post updates

  • Interact with other attendees.

The LinkedIn algorithm automatically provides timely and relevant notifications to attendees to make sure they don't miss any important updates about your event. Members who have joined the event can also invite their contacts to attend the event.

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