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Role of a Social Media Agency

A specialist social media agency is a key partner in defining and optimizing your online communication strategy. Your stakes are the branding, the influence and the improvement of the customer relationship. The agency will advise you on relevant social media approaches that will help you build and retain your fan community. How? By working your image on social networks, creating content, optimizing their dissemination to your targets and influencers. The social media agency will help you to increase your notoriety, promote the recommendation and thus facilitate the acquisition of new customers

Role of a Social Media Agency


The role of the social media agency will be to help you: Integrate your social media strategy into your communication and acquisition strategy, To integrate new functions in your company such as the community manager to extend your customer service right up to social networks. To identify the social-media platforms where you must be present according to your objectives: Federate the friends of the brand: Facebook, Develop a corporate communication and relations with the influential: Twitter, Establish a communication by the image and with the influential: Instagram, Wear the employer brand: Linkedin ....


Few Internet users who wake up in the morning with the intention to subscribe to the Facebook page or the Twitter account of such or such brand! They are more and more exposed to multiple solicitations and the contents proliferate to infinity. We must therefore differentiate ourselves.


Combat: it aims to define what is the commitment of the brand to users. Example Solendro, site of men's poles, the fight to assert his virility with class, the creative translation "Make the male, but do good". For the Air France Mutual, the idea of ​​recovering the mutualist spirit resulted in "Together let's go further". The city of Vélizy wanted a city inspired by nature, the exhibition Biomimetic City, city of tomorrow came to explain it to the inhabitants. Content: which segmental content to develop to illustrate this fight and to involve Internet users, influencers and even journalists? This goes through the definition of an editorial charter of expression of the brand on these social networks. And finally the Contact: what are the best ways to broadcast your content on the best network to better reach your target. The social media agency determines an editorial schedule and supports the brand by using the media levers that these platforms offer, social ads, native ads ...


The multiplication of tools and technologies has generated a new form of business complexity. Most of the time support is useful to create tabs on a Facebook page with game mechanisms or integrate the apps offered by many platforms such Adiktiz, Socialshaker ... Ditto for the choice of publishing platform on social networks: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, Agorapulse ... who do you want to go to? As for marketing automation, it's difficult to find one's way in an ever-expanding offer: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Active Campaign ... That's why we chose to develop our own open source platform. "Conversaa", independent of proprietary solutions, in order to provide personalized support, from the definition of personas, to the segmentation of the target, through the production of content and measurement of results. Same phenomenon to sour the influential and monitor what is being said on the net: it is increasingly difficult to identify the tools best suited to moderation or RP / influential: Augure, Sind 'up, Talkwalker , Synthesio, Digimind ...? Finally for the management of your customer reviews, who to pass? Ekomi? TrustPilot? Verified reviews? So many technical choices that you will have to perform on which a social media agency can advise you.


To put at your disposal a community manager to animate your communities, to manage the relations with the influential ones. Moderate your forums your social networks 24/7. In crisis management, be able to extinguish fires at each point of contact by providing a dozen moderators Training / recruitment: if ultimately the community manager is better at home, we can also recruit, train, follow ..

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