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Social networks, a marketing revolution serving your business.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ ... social networks are multiplying and are now an integral part of the social landscape. Whether you know them or not, whether or not you use them in their personal capacity, one thing is certain: you must use them professionally as part of your marketing strategy. Contrary to what many "old school" business leaders imagine, social networks do not represent a fashion: on the contrary, they spread and multiply at an increasing speed.

Social networks are not reserved for "young people": more and more Internet users, all age groups combined, use them daily. social networks are not reserved for personal use. Simply go to the websites of the largest companies to realize that they all offer without exception access to social networks.

Social networks are therefore a marketing tool now essential, whatever your field of activity and your target clientele: they allow you to increase dramatically the notoriety of your brand. Moreover, being absent from social networks can strongly serve your image: a user who browses your website will probably want to consult your social networks; he will find it odd that you do not have one and will surely consider your brand as "old school" and untrustworthy.

The web community, the new effective marketing model

From consumer to consumer, Internet users trust each other. Today, people trust web users! The Airbnb sites or Trip Advisor (to name just a few) are proof of this: consumers communicate with each other via social networks and rely on the opinions of their peers to choose to buy a particular product or service. An individual, for example, wants to call on a craftsman? He will necessarily consult the Facebook pages of various craftsmen: the number of "fans", the quality of the text and media content (photos and videos) and the comments of the previous customers are elements that will guide his choice and direct him towards the craftsman whose reputation Facebook seems the best. Conversely, a bad Tweet issued by a dissatisfied customer will redirect the consumer to a competing professional.

Impossible to go against this new mode of consumption, based on the trust given to social networks. It must therefore be integrated into your marketing strategy.

Social networks allow you to communicate widely and instantly, at a lower cost.

An advertisement in the Paris metro or an advertisement broadcast on a major TV channel are obviously effective means of communication, but at what price ... The advent of the web today allows to communicate almost free, with results at least as effective do not deprive yourself! Known brand or SME, through a communication at lower cost, you are now on the same footing of equality.

Thanks to social networks, you have the opportunity not only to attract new customers, but also to create a special relationship with those who follow you. By communicating regularly on your commercial offer, you inform the Internet users and allow them to interact: you create and thus maintain a permanent link with them so that they do not forget you, and you put in place a direct contact between you and the consumer, essential tool in the context of a good commercial relationship. With a single click, you touch the entire canvas!

Social networks naturally refer to your website!

Social networks increase users' trust in you. But you will get another benefit from their use, and not least: social networks now participate in the natural referencing of your website. Regularly and qualitatively animate many social networks positively position your site in the results provided by the search engines.The use of social networks is doubly beneficial: your image is optimized, your website is better referenced!

Are you aware of the importance of using social networks as part of your marketing strategy? Know that the quality level of their content is just as important. Simple and inexpensive, the use of social networks is indeed more or less effective: to get the best results, do not waste your time and choose to appeal to professionals in the field.

DEEP SEO sets up and animates your social networks

DEEPSEO is a team of demanding, attentive and experienced professionals. We have been working in all areas of the web for almost 20 years, and have had the opportunity to observe and understand the precise functioning of social networks. With our advanced skills in this area, we propose to support your social networking strategy directly in-house, for minimized costs.

In this context, we (Digital Age) are committed to:

  • Build quality social networks for you: our graphic designers and web designers strive to convey an image that reflects your own business identity;

  • Animate your different pages in perfect knowledge of the technical specificities of social networks: tone, hours and frequency of publications, moderation of content of users, interaction and responses to their messages ...

  • Maintain a watch and provide you with regular personalized reports, so that you accurately measure your impact on social networks.

Prior to the actual implementation of your strategy, we ensure that you fully understand the issues related to social networks, we provide you with adequate advice, and we listen to your needs and goals to maximize your performance under the best conditions. Want to get more visibility? We get more Twitter followers, more Facebook fans, more YouTube followers ... Need to regain the trust of your customers? We produce adapted content in this way. You want to communicate on a particular commercial offer and improve your conversion rate? We put in place an effective promotional campaign. Whatever your expectations, our team of passionate experts is satisfied!

You have your business and your know-how, we have the time and the knowledge to make it grow.

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