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Strategy for Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social networks is an interesting lever to boost the visibility of your brand, your service offering or your products.

This advertising lever makes it possible to increase the recruitment of "qualified" Leads , to generate traffic towards your Internet site , but also to boost your conversion rate and your sales .

Digital Age focuses on the opportunities offered by Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, sponsored tweets, Snapchat Ads but also ads on professional networks LinkedIn and Viadeo to show you why you should be interested in Social Ads.

This lever, once mastered and worked, can become very quickly effective.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Campaigns

Target precisely the Internet users who may be interested in your products, according to their interests and specific demographic criteria such as age, sex, love situation, city, etc.

With Facebook Ads, tap your targets through social advertising formats appearing directly in the user's news feed . Digital Age accompanies you and launches your campaigns according to the objectives that you want to reach.

Some ad formats will allow you to give a "boost" to the social actions of users connected with your brand. Other formats will allow you to directly generate traffic on your site , your mobile applications or your Facebook page.

Digital Age pilot and optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads in accordance with your expectations and your strategy.

In this way, you will increase the visibility of your brand and that of your company.

You communicate with your potential customers in an active way and increase your business in the long term.

Twitter Ads Campaigns

Twitter is the social network most used by Internet users looking for news and information.

It's getting harder and harder to hit your target and get noticed in the mass of daily tweets.

Through its advertising platform, Twitter Ads provides advertising solutions to develop your followers community:

Recruit your community through sponsored accounts

Boost your visibility by booking hashtag suggestions

Boost your traffic with sponsored tweets

The performance of Twitter Ads campaigns becomes indisputable.

Twitter Ads can help you develop your network very quickly.

Linkedin and Viadeo Ads Campaigns

Professional social networks LinkedIn and Viadeo offer advertising programs.

Post your sponsored text ads with a visual to a business target.

Benefit from a network targeted to a specific population of Internet users according to several criteria (activity, position occupied, size of the company, etc.)

Although the volume of impressions and clicks is quite limited compared to the audience selected LinkedIn Ads and Viadeo Ads campaigns fit perfectly into a logic of ultra-qualified traffic.

Digital Age accompanies you and manages your BtoB campaigns on these networks, for example:

Recruitment of qualified personnel

Lead Generation as part of a Business Conquest Strategy

Recruitment of prospects by request for quote

Generation of targeted traffic to your corporate website

Snapchat Ads Campaigns

Touch 8 million users in France on Snapchat with very creative advertising formats !

Snapchat Ads allows, among other things, to target Snapchatters based on their habits on Snapchat, their demographic characteristics, their categories of lifestyles.

Snap Ads combine visual, audio and animated elements and provide users with a 100% mobile experience.

Digital Age sets up your communication campaigns on Snapchat.

Our experts advise you and guide you on the best format according to your objective:

Snapchat Ads : Post your advertisement with an inset of 10 sec. Snapchat Ads slips between the Stories of the user's friends.

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