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The Future of Digital Marketing

In the age of digital transformation, the user is constantly drowning in information and it becomes more and more difficult to capture his attention. Several methods of digital marketing are in decline, we can mention the mass email campaigns, users take less and less to open these advertising emails received by dozens every week. The same goes for the classic banner ads and pop-ups that have accompanied our browsing for years, now neutralized by the explosion of adblock blockbuster apps like AdBlock. All of these models are now obsolete and new strategies need to be put in place to stand out and engage the user.

Customer experience, the central issue of digital marketing:

Faced with this proliferation of non-targeted content, consumer expectations have changed. These will naturally turn to the most relevant content, brand awareness is no longer sufficient to communicate. Advertisers must adapt to this new way of thinking consumers to offer a personalized experience according to their needs, the goal is to generate maximum commitment.

Machine-learning: artificial intelligence at the service of digital marketing.

With the explosion of social networks and big data technologies, companies now have an impressive amount of information about users. The problem is to be able to best treat this data in order to offer the most immersive experience possible to the consumer and give it the impression of a fully personalized service. The machine-learning is a very promising trend and more and more coveted by the companies: software and bots using artificial intelligence technologies will be able to analyze the behavior of the users in order to humanize the customer relationship by optimizing commercial actions to best meet the expectations of the consumer. Proof that major groups are very interested in this technology: Apple bought $ 200 million start-up Turi specialized in machine-learning.

The mobile, essential channel of the digital marketing of tomorrow

E-commerce is growing at an estimated 42% on smartphones and 45% on tablets (GFK consumer choices panel) in 2016, the budgets allocated for the improvement of mobile sites and the development of applications have increased significantly this year. It is a powerful medium and the ideal tool to personalize a user's experience according to his habits, his tastes or his location (see our article on Pokémon GO and the use of the drive-to model -store), it is in the future the privileged channel to reach the consumer.

Towards ubiquitous native advertising.

In a rapidly changing advertising context, with the development of machine learning and the growth of web browsing on smartphones, the digital marketing of tomorrow will place the consumer at the center of advertising and offer the most appropriate experience: we speak of native advertising. Entertaining the consumer, creating a human link, integrating without hindering navigation and generating interest in the brand are the main issues. There is no doubt that this trend is likely to shake the digital marketing world in the months to come.

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