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The Importance of Local SEO

The Importance of Local SEO

If you are looking for information on local SEO positioning, you can be sure that you have a physical store and you want to start taking potential customers to your establishment. Then keep reading because we are going to tell you several tips to appear in local searches, Google Local Search.

For many businesses, especially those that have physical stores, local SEO is almost more important than global SEO. What interests them most about Google is that when someone is looking for a business like yours in their area of ??influence, their website stands out from the competition in order to bring customers to their store. So let's look at a series of tips geared to how to do local SEO to appear in local searches.

What is local SEO?

The first of all is to understand well the concept of what local SEO positioning means, which is neither more nor less than appearing in Google only and exclusively when someone searches for information about your products and services in your area of ??influence .

If someone searches for " restaurants in Fuenlabrada " it is very obvious. But if someone just types in the search engine "Chinese restaurant", it is not so much anymore. But calm, it's been a long time that this problem is solved. For this, Google uses our IP. Of course, it is usually very respectful, and when we are not registered with our Gmail asks us if you can use it. Does it sound?

Well, all those searches that involve a location, in addition to the normal results will also show us what they call the " local snippet ". Come on, a box with 3 Google Maps results. That if we click on any one, it leads us to a more complete list. And how do we make appear in these results?

Google My Business to appear in local results

Well, the first thing you have to do is sign up in the Google business directory. They call it Google My Business . The process is very simple. Simply enter the tool and register your business. Maybe some user has already registered it, but do not panic. Whether you are there or not, you will have to verify that you are the owner.

For this Google sends you a verification card with an activation code. It usually takes about 13 days, so in the meantime you can go configuring the card.

The problem may come if your company is already registered, and it is also linked to an email. In that case you have to claim the property. Here is a link on how to do it: request ownership of a company listing .

Optimize Google My Business

Surely after seeing the local results that Google shows us you will be thinking: how the hell do I do to appear first in those results, or at least among the first 3?

Well, there are many factors, as in all this of SEO. But I will try to summarize the tips that I consider most important, and that you should not forget:

1. Reviews

The more you get, the better. But that they are dilated in time, by drip. If Google detects a flood of positive reviews at once, and then no more, it will take it as SPAM. It is also not good to have 5 stars on average, it will seem that the reviews are adulterated. That some of them are bad is taken as natural.

2. Keywords

As always in SEO, everything goes on keywords. In this case, Google calls the labels. You can include up to 10, so choose them well and carefully. That are relevant to your business, and that have sufficient volume of searches.

3. Images

Include images in your company file. The more complete this is, the more information and transparency you are giving to users. That way they will know more or less what they will find.

A very good trick at the SEO level is that before uploading the images you put the name of your keywords, and your company. That is to say, that you put to them an attribute or label of the place where your business is. You can do it with a tool like this: .

4. Directories and comments on other websites

Once you have the optimized tab, what would be the SEO on page, we have to attack the external factors. This is, the SEO off page or linkbuilding. Sign up in other directories such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, make a page of your business on Facebook.

This way we will send signals to Google that our business is alive. In fact, when we enter a result of these company listings in Google Maps, at the end of it shows us other websites where the company is mentioned.

The importance of NAP: Name, Address and Phone.

This is a very important part for your SEO. And not only for local SEO, but for all your SEO strategy. We must be very consistent and exact when we introduce these values ??in the different directories, and in the web pages where we write.

If the bot of Google, or any other search engine, every time you browse the Internet discover the same name, phone number and address, you will find us perfectly. However, if you read once 666 54 54 54, and again +34 654 545 545, for him they will be no more than numbers and you will not be able to relate them to us.

So you know, always in the same way if you want your efforts to be worthwhile.

Finally, comment that in this article we have focused on Google My Business and local searches, but you can also do local SEO on your website, and you should. Just take into account all the keywords you are using, and add the word of your city. For example, in the case of an SEO Company, it would be a question of using keyword combinations with the city, for example:

Affordable SEO Company Lahore ...

And so all the combinations that we find interesting.

I hope these tips help you appear as soon as possible in local Google results and start bringing customers to your store. If you have any questions or suggestions, we wait for you in the comments.

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