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The Latest Trends in Mobile Marketing 2018

Mobile Marketing

Discover the latest mobile marketing trends to follow for this year!

Mobile marketing trends are changing at the speed of light. This is due to the ultra-competitive sector of digital marketing. To stand out, brands and engineers are constantly finding new tactics to stay the leaders in their market. More than a billion phones are used worldwide. 42% of the population uses their smartphone for web browsing, for only 38% the computer, which is favored for work and watching movies. So, what are the mobile marketing trends to follow?

1. Voice search

Apple and Google have already launched this feature that is doing today can not be better. Of the 50% of searches on Google, 20% are vocal and this figure will increase to 50% in 2020, according to Comscore. Google estimates that 55% of young people use voice search against 41% of adults. Indicators that suggest that we must not wait to adapt to this search voice !

2. Social e-commerce

Several social networks have already set up sales points on their platform. For example, Facebook Marketplace offers articles directly through its application by linking individuals. Amazon has also created the Spark platform, a mix of Instagram and Pinterest that allows customers to showcase the products they love. So their followers can buy it directly. Instagram also allows you to buy directly on the app: Instagram Shopping. Just click on the image to proceed directly to the purchase of the product consulted.

3. O2O Online to Offline

Online is no longer just a way to attract customers to your store. Brands must implement O2O hybrid strategies. We noticed the brand Polette (at a Parisian event) with its store offering to come and try glasses in their "showrooms" and deliver directly to customers at home. The HEMA supermarket in China also offers an O2O experience. With its application, we can walk around the store and have all the information on what we consume. An online loyalty program has been created so that the store offers a better experience when the customer comes next.

4. Pooling of data

To fight the giants Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba, retailers are sticking together. In order to collect more data and thus improve the customer experience, the brands create databases in common. If several companies pool their data to fight the giant Amazon (which has grown 53% in the United States in 2017), they would undoubtedly become more powerful. To offer your customers the product they need at the moment T on their mobile, think unit!

5. Augmented reality

Brands must be creative to appeal to consumers. Augmented reality is a very good way to differentiate itself from its competitors. The Lens Studio software created by Snapchat allows you to create avatars by scanning a Snap Code. The Adidas brand also made the buzz on Instagram with Kendall Jenner. The brand sent a shoe box that the model was able to scan to see appear an augmented reality shoe on his smartphone. Be creative!

6. The live streaming

According to a study by Livestream and New York Magazine, 82% of the 1000 adults surveyed prefer to watch a live streaming video of a brand rather than read a blog post. A good way to boost your digital strategy and collect valuable advice from consumers who react live to your news. You can suggest an influencer to participate in an event, test a new product or simply do it yourself, with the company's social networks.

You now have an overview of the major trends in digital marketing. If you want to implement a digital marketing strategy, call on the expertise of SLAP Digital.

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M. Zaheer
M. Zaheer
Oct 30, 2018

Excellent findings !

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