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Why do we need SEM (PPC AdWords)

What is the SEM?

Before we focus on all the advantages and disadvantages of sponsored links campaigns (PPC), take a look at what is SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) which is the acronym for commercial links. In other words, SEO by Adwords campaigns . The SEM comes act in total complementarity with SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) via the Google Adwords advertising agency.

Through his Adwords account and according to his budget, the advertiser will place himself on one or more keywords relevant to his site or his e-commerce store . The budget will be debited with each click, until expiry. The cost of the click can range from a few cents to several tens of euros. This varies depending on the degree of competition of the keyword. Thus, the advertiser simply buys his place in the Google results pages with SEO Adwords .

And if the SEM has many advantages, it obviously also has some disadvantages. What is important to remember is that with commercial links you are positioned quickly but you disappear as quickly when your budget is exhausted.

Usefulness of Sponsored Links

Sponsored links (or commercial links) have a quadruple advantage. The first of them is simply being able to announce quickly, and this, on multiple requests. This makes it a very flexible and practical tool for advertising limited in time: for a promotion for example.

The speed, but also the multiplication of the tracks! Being able to be visible on almost all possible requests also saves precious time on SEO, which can take a few months to have interesting results.

But where the sponsored links are the most interesting, it is primarily in the acquisition of new traffic. Thus, a site that already has a certain number of visitors, but whose conversion rate turns out to be bad, will automatically gain quality visitors via its Adwords campaigns. Thanks to the commercial links, the percentage of buyers among the visitors will increase significantly.

Finally, with an Adwords campaign, there is no need for the advertiser to edit the content of his site again. Adwords thus makes it possible to totally differentiate the SEM (managed externally), the SEO (managed on the site, from your backoffice).

Displaying commercial links on the Google Search engine

If you find out what AES is and sponsored links , know that in practice you have already seen them in your Google queries. So here's how they appear on the results pages (we've framed them for you).

Sponsored links

(The limits of Adwords campaigns):

However, the way these campaigns work means that when the daily budget is exhausted, there is no longer any visibility.

Thus, if by the cost of clicks, the budget is consumed at 11am, until the next morning ads will not be seen and therefore not clickable.

It's not about losing money, it's about a shortfall that can be vital if the entire business plan is based on advertising. Moreover, in case of exhaustion of the budget in the morning for example, the advertiser also deprives of the help of Adwords for certain periods of strong audience, as between noon and 14h, the end of afternoon or the evening. Again, there is a real shortfall.

Therefore, the other known drawback is the potentially large budget that can be devoted to sponsored links. Even if the cost per click depends on many factors that our experts master to reduce it, it can, in some sectors, around twenty euros.

However, with an average closer to 50 cents per click, the equation of the number of possible clicks for an equal budget turns in favor of natural referencing which offers for an investment in organic results an unlimited number of clicks.

Our (Digital Age) Service of Sponsored Links (PPC):

If you choose to trust us for the creation of your advertising campaign, we will realize for you a set of services:

  • Creating a campaign,

  • Inspection and optimization of your current campaign,

  • Manage your campaign on your account,

Create and manage your campaign on our Google Account.

To give you a specific example, we have recently had the experience of comparing what was the outcome of one of our clients' campaign when they managed it themselves, and then when we took it in hand . Results: after a few days, it goes from an average of 52 clicks per day to over 186 clicks.

Devoting a portion of its budget or slightly increasing it to benefit from the services of a specialized agency can be very largely beneficial and pave the way for new contacts through:

  • A better ad,

  • Better chosen keywords,

  • A cost per click better controlled.

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