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SEO and the User Experience

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Search engine optimization is has gone far beyond simply fulfilling the needs of search engines to understand the site contents. One of the most important differences between traditional SEO and the modern SEO is that previously focus was on stats whereas now the focus is on use experience.

But the question is why the user experience is important for your website’s SEO.

As the Internet has emerged as the hub of the digital marketing landscape, the customer is settling into the back seat of the advertising vehicle, giving directions to change the paths to reach the destination of customer satisfaction.

When a consumer visits a website, the content and navigation flows he/she experiences during his/her visit will determine the user's attention and affinity for that site. The more engaged a consumers is in his/her web visits and the more involved, he/she will become in the digital marketing process.

The quality of content is important to the success of a website, because customers have a higher appreciation for useful information and the ability to search through it as much as they want. The navigational structure of the site must be logical, the buttons and links must work in a way the visitor expects of them, and the design of the site should not divert the attention of the visitor from the main purpose of the page: a conversion.

By focusing on the user experience in an SEO strategy, we can actually make the site not only user-friendly, but search engines as well. This is because the search engines keep a close eye on the loyalty website visitors. A great website will be shared, bookmarked and linked, stimulating your search rankings and thus ultimately your business.

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